Terrific Scrapbook Page Ideas For All Events And Occasions
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The 12”x12” scrapbook page is the most popular format. It’s great for featuring one large, spectacular photo, or a group of smaller photos. Styles and techniques, papers and photos, embellishments and tools—they all come together to create beautiful 12”x12” scrapbook pages.

When scrapbooking first became popular, it seemed important to define the various styles. Simple and sleek, shabby chic, artistic, quick and easy, were just a few of the styles identified and labeled, following loose guidelines established by various “experts.” Today you’ll still find pages being categorized by styles, but most often we all scrapbook to our own drummer. If you like it, you use it, combining various styles, favorite techniques, and popular embellishments to create your own, unique scrapbook pages and style.

The 8”x8” scrapbooking format is my favorite size. I get to see the finished results quickly (I’m into instant gratification, I guess). And most embellishments lend themselves well to this size.

Because this size works well with fewer photos, 8”x8” scrapbook pages are a great size for Heritage albums. And an 8”x8” Heritage album is a wonderful gift for family members—whether giving it to a grandparent, or passing it on to the next generation!

Of course, 8”x8” scrapbook pages are terrific for specialty albums, too, such as a child’s school year, baby’s first year, or a pet album. I used the 8”x8” format to create my own recipe album, matching photos with recipes. It’s fun to use the album and walk through all those great memories at the same time—and the page protectors keep everything clean.

For ideas and inspiration, I keep a notebook of layouts and techniques I find in magazines that “speak” to me. It’s as simple as tearing out the samples and tucking them into sheet protectors in a notebook. Nothing fancy, just a place to corral all those ideas. When I’m stumped for inspiration, something in the notebook will guide me to creating a page.

Here are a few 8”x8” and 12”x12” scrapbook pages (I’ll keep adding to this section). Take a look—hopefully they’ll inspire you to dive into your stash of papers and embellishments and create some great scrapbook pages.

12x12 Scrapbook Page — "Cowboy Up!"

8"x8" Scrapbook Page — Angie & Macie

8"x8" Scrapbook Page — Erin & A Pan Full of Kittens

8"x8" Scrapbook Page — Best Friends

8"x8" Scrapbook Page — Sisters

6"x6" Scrapbook Page — Hudson the Puppy