Scrapbooking Materials - What Do You REALLY Need?
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There are literally millions of scrapbooking materials to choose from...really! But relatively few are actually needed when you start a project, especially a smaller project. Of course, you can stock your entire crafting space (if you're lucky enough to have a crafting space) with scrapbooking products. But that's not really necessary. Start with basic scrapbooking items, then you can add tools and supplies to your collection as you need them.

Scrapbooking Papers & Scrapbooking Cardstock:
When planning your projects, buy the scrapbooking papers and cardstock you'll need and just those embellishments you'll want to use with your photos. Buying supplies without a plan in mind can result in tons of scrapbooking materials and tools you'll never use-and while it's nice to have them on hand "just in case," storing them can be a waste of space. Check this link for more tips and ideas.

Scrapbooking Organization: that you have supplies, how do you keep them neat and tidy? Scrapbooking organizers. You'll find all sizes and types-from rolling scrapbooking totes to lovely scrapbooking desks and work centers. Find more ideas at this link.

Scrapbooking Albums:
Available in 6"x6", 8"x8", 8.5"x11", and 12"x12" sizes, the size you choose to work on depends on your project. The largest size, 12"x12", is the most common, and you'll find a huge variety of scrapbooking paper and cardstock in themes to match your photos to fit those albums. Sheet protectors can be found to fit all the above scrapbook sizes; refills allow you to expand your album as you add more pages.

Scrapbooking Kits:
Kits are an alternative to hunting for and choosing individual scrapbooking materials, piece by piece. I love kits, but don't often use them as they're designed. It’s fun to explore new ideas and designs with coordinated kit materials. You’ll find more ideas on this page.

Alternative Paper Crafting Surfaces:
Mini books, boxes, portfolios, calendars, tins-all these are great fun to work with and decorate using scrapbooking materials and techniques. From mini portfolios that showcase an event or time in someone's life to flip books filled with photos that stand on your desk. Alternative paper crafting surfaces are fun to explore! Check out additional ideas at this link.

It's always exciting to find the latest scrapbooking supplies as they hit the store shelves and the edgiest scrapbooking techniques as they hit forums and magazines. But building your stash of supplies and materials as you go or as you need specific items keeps you from being overwhelmed and overcrowded. You'll find more information about all these supplies and materials by following the links on this page. And be sure to check out the alternative paper crafting surfaces-we'll be playing with many of those items throughout the site!